Colombia Familia Guerra - La Isla

Colombia Familia Guerra - La Isla

Farm Description

The Guerra family are 3rd generation coffee farmers in the Antioquia Departemento in the central region of Colombia. Their farm, "Las Mercedes", is on the large side (around 150 hectares for coffee alone), and is split into several plots, which are even then broken down into separate lots within the plot. Sound confusing? Well, for instance, one of the coffees we picked up from them this year came from a plateau within one particular lot#. La Isla is from another part of the farm, a small area perched at about 1700 meters, and planted entirely in Caturra. The Guerra family is working with a local cooperative to help them ensure that lots are not only kept separate through the processing stages, but also properly identified in order to retain provenance within the rather large farm. It's a big job, but in the end gives the buyer an opportunity to taste the different levels of quality coming out of the various farm sectors. Due to the size of this lot, we're only offering a few samples out in order to ensure that folks have a chance to make a purchase before the coffee is out of stock.

Cupping Notes

Wow, the dry grounds really set the tone for what has turned out to be one of the more exciting Colombia coffees we brought in this year. Light roasts have a big scent of honey and florals, with sweet fruit notes like raspberry, white grape, and Valencia oranges. The wet aromatics are so sweet and bold, with floral honey and allusions to ripening stone fruit. There's a real retronasal response to be experienced here, you can nearly taste honey, butterscotch, and tropical fruit candies when breaking through the crust. The cup is very fruit-forward, with notes of Comice pear, honey tangerine, white grape juice, and plum jam. There's a structured sugar sweetness too, like simple syrup. City to City+ roasts are very complex, and with acidity that lies somewhere between pear and apple juice. Dark roasts harness more roast flavors and develop a cocoa powder, chocolate note, but still remain very complex and fruited. Body is also definitely bolstered with roast, and Full City roasts as espresso are extremely creamy, with thick sweetness, and with a tart cranberry-like acidic 'pop' (and this was a pretty fast pull!). Great dual-use Colombia.



Lot Size

20 x 70 KG Bags

Roast Recommendations

City to Full City, this one's versatile in the roaster.


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

Excelso; .2 d/300gr, 15+ Screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Parchment drying on raised beds in Colombia

Ripe Caturra in full swing

Flowering Caturra


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