Burundi Karinzi Maruri Hill

Burundi Karinzi Maruri Hill

Farm Description

Karinzi is a smallholder coffee cooperative affiliated with Sogestal Kayanza, located in north Burundi near the Rwanda border. A sogestal is the Burundi entity that oversees regional cooperatives, helping them warehouse and market their coffees. Also, Karinzi is in the middle of a name change, to Maruri Hill Cooperative, so we thought we would use both to identify the coffee. The coop has relied on the Sogestal for the wet-processing but in 2012 they are taking profits to buy a new Penagos pulper, and do all the processing themselves. This will help them retain more profit from the sale of their coffee lots, rather than processing fees.

Cupping Notes

Karinizi is a coffee defined by its broad range of sweetness. Dried fruits and sugar browning notes seem to dominate this flavor profile in the different roasts we cupped. The dry fragrance demonstrates sweet flavors ranging from raisin and apricot to cinnamon and brown sugar or even toffee . A Full City roast offered us more in terms caramelized beef fat and baker’s chocolate. The crust on Karinizi gave a syrupy sweetness along the lines of cream soda and sarsaparilla. More dried apricot and sugar browning appeared in the break. Golden raisin and yes, more dried apricot, are the fruit forward flavors in the cup highlighted by a chocolate syrup finish. This is a coffee with solid mouth feel; not heavy but certainly full enough. A Full City roast showed us flavors more towards sarsaparilla, cola nut and still finished quite sweet. Both the City + and Full City roasts were accentuated by the sweet and syrupy tamarind fruit at lower temperature. Karinizi is a “tight” coffee in the sense of it needing time to cool to show its true colors. The coffee works well for brighter espresso, straight or as a component in a blend. We found our best results hitting this coffee with a lot of heat up front and not giving too much time between first and second crack to settle into finish. Like Rwanda coffees, Burundi can throw a potato defect cup every so often.



Lot Size

104 60kg bags

Roast Recommendations

City+ to Full City. This lot really benefits from extra rest.


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

.6 d/300gr, 15-18 Screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Karinzi bag with Grainpro liner ready to ship to Oakland

Washing station at Karinzi

New Penagos pulper in crate for 2012 crop

Ben with Gaspard, the Karinzi coop president, and his amazing shirt!


#1 Give it some time!

As it says in the cupping notes, Karinzi really opens up as it cools, but it's also important to give it a day or two out of the roaster. A couple days out of the roaster and the cream soda sweetness is still very prominent, but the brisk tamarind/dried apricot acidity really pops. Really impressed with this coffee at C+ and FC, hold the roast very very nicely.

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