Brazil Sertao - Santa Ines Yellow Bourbon

Brazil Sertao - Santa Ines Yellow Bourbon

Farm Description

Santa Ines is a microlot coffee from the Sertao family of farms, adjacent to the large farm we have bought many times, that of Nazareth Dias Pereira. The farm is owned by Francisco Isidro Dias Pereira, and is 75 hectares dedicated to coffee with a total size of 215 hectares. Santa Ines is located in Carmo de Minas at 1100 meters, and this lot is 100% Yellow Bourbon cultivar. Yellow Bourbon is a sub-type that has fruit which ripens to a yellow color. It originated in Brazil. It is possible that Yellow Bourbon is a natural mutation of a cross between Bourbon and a yellow-fruited Typica called "Amarelo de Botocatu". Bourbon coffees are named for the island in the India Ocean where Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. ">French colonists grew it. It's not so different in the cup than Red Bourbon, but I have noticed higher sugar levels in the Yellow fruit, and the plant has different physical properties.

Cupping Notes

The body is thick, leading to nut skin dry notes in the aftertaste. There a classic nutty Brazil roast tone (hazelnut in particular) turning more toward cocoa powder in the darker levels, at Full City roast. The dry fragrance has sweet malty sugar note, molasses, and a hint of savory miso. The wet aroma has a suggestion of chocolate cheesecake, with graham cracker crust and sweet toasted grains. The cup is one of the sweeter Brazil coffees I have tasted in soody is thick, leading to nut skin dry notes in the aftertaste. Light roast is more delicate, praline like, sweetness, with buttery caramel, whereas the darker roast has root beer and sarsaparilla notes in the cup. I like both, and find it works very well for SO espresso in a wide range of roasts.



Lot Size

40 60 KG bags

Roast Recommendations

This does well with a wide range of roasts, City+ through Full City+.


Pulp Natural


Yellow Bourbon    

Grade & Appearance

.2 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

View of Fazenda do Sertao

Parchment on the patio

Close-up of the clean pulp natural parchment


#1 Layers of cocoa, caramel,

Layers of cocoa, caramel, raisin, vanilla, and tobacco give this a classic Brazil profile, but the nifty thing is that as the cup cools it also clarifies. There's still a rich and textured mouthfeel, but the finish opens up and even shows some bright cherry. This is an excellent SO shot, or component in a complex blend.

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