Brazil Patrocínio Familia Delarisse Microlot

Brazil Patrocínio Familia Delarisse Microlot

Farm Description

This microlot is from the Delarisse family, who own and operatte Fazenda Chapadao de Ferro. Their family run farm is located in the Patrocinio area of Minas Gerais, an area known for regular annual rainfall, rich volcanic soil, and plentiful irrigation from a rather large network of streams. Fazenda Chapadao de Ferro sits at around 1200 meters atop an ancient inactive volcano. Coffee is processed the old-fashioned way here, manually picking the ripest cherry, an initial 'wash' and then laying out to sun dry on patios. This is a dry-processed coffee, and this careful selection and clean processing play a large role in the resulting cleanliness and sweetness tasted in the cup. This particular lot is a separation of Yellow Catuai, the milled byproduct coming out to just about 1300 LBS. It's a tiny, and special lot, and we're offering this limited quantity in 50 and 100 LB grain pro bags. A really amazing Brazil - one of the best for us this year - and a unique opportunity to pick up a small amount to round out your list.

Cupping Notes

Grinding the coffee gives off a raisin note, along with black walnut and subtle hints of all-spice. At Full City a raw sugar smell builds and a scent of molasses hangs heavy in the air. Breaking the crust lets off a saturated caramel smell along with a bit of raw almond. Deeper roasts broaden the spectrum of developed sugars and also adding a bit of roast complexity. This coffee exemplifies big body and low acidity, which play a large role in our expectations of Brazil coffees. Add to these factors defined sweetness and a fairly broad cup profile and we have ourselves a unique Brazilian coffee. City+ roasts have hazelnut and chocolate flavors along with simple syrup sweetness. There's a bit of apple and other fruits too, though they play more of a background role in the cooling cup. Full City roasts have so much cocoa flavor, like Baker's chocolate, and a bit of black currant and cherry too. The finish is pure cocoa with layered roast tones - very nice. As espresso it has 'classic' sweet and bittersweet flavors, with roasted nut tones, and ultra-viscous body - nice!



Lot Size

20 x 30 KG Bags

Roast Recommendations

A versatile Brazil, this cups well from City to Full City+. Full City and beyond make for an incredible SO espresso


Dry Process



Grade & Appearance

.2 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Ready for natural processing - before

Naturally processed coffee on the patio

Yellow Bourbon ripening on the shrub


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