Brazil Joao de Campos WP Decaf

Brazil Joao de Campos WP Decaf

Farm Description

This is a custom decaf lot we sent of the Fazenda Joao de Campos we offer as a regular (non-decaf) lot. The farm is in a region called Alto Paranaíba near Serra do Salitre. It is a high plain in Cerrado Miniero, Minas Gerais state. At 1200 meters, the Serra do Salitre has better altitude than most of Cerrado proper, which averages 800-900 meters for coffee production. This is from a larger farm, no Micro Lot coffee this one. But it is much smaller than the neighboring Fazenda Aurea. Brazil coffee like this should be less expensive than other origins, because these coffees from Cerrado are mechanically harvested, and prepared for export en masse. Done well, mechanical harvesting is brilliant. But how many areas have the flat topography for this technique? Very few. This coffee is 100% Yellow Icatu cultivar, a cultivar that originated in Brazil, has high production and good disease resistance.

Cupping Notes

This decaf lot is quite consistent with the non-decaf lot: We like this coffee for it's consistency and as a blend base or as a straight Single Origin farm level offering. It works very well for decaf or low-caf espresso. The decaf is a little different from the non decaf, perhaps a little more fruit accent in the cup. It can be roasted lighter (City+) for straight brewed coffee, but I like it best at FC to Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. ">FC+ for brewed use, blend, and espresso. The dry fragrance has a lot of roast notes to it: both sweet-savory aspects and an interesting fruit-nut-chocolate compound scent. At City roast the aromas are malty sweet and lightly fruited, with a hazelnut note, but at FC+ they are much more aggressive and potent, with bittersweet chocolate tangy scents. Full City has the best cup, a nice balance between caramel and chocolate roast notes. The acidity is very muted, and the body thick, buttery, dense. Darker roasts are a natural for espresso base, and it would blend well with both brighter coffees, or fruity Decaf dry-process types from Ethiopia. It's a very versatile lot...



Lot Size

59 Bags

Roast Recommendations

City+ to Full City+ is recommended; very nutty in the light roast and chocolate in the dark roasts


Pulp Natural



Grade & Appearance

Estate Grade; .4 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen


Shipped in jute, packed in GrainPro at our warehouse
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.


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