Brazil Dry Processed Fazenda do Sertao

Brazil Dry Processed Fazenda do Sertao

Farm Description

We selected this lot from Fazenda do Sertao, the farm of Nazareth Dias Pereira. It is located in Carmo de Minas in the Mantiqueira Mountain area, and is a farm we've purchased coffee from for a few years now. The first photo below is a shot from above the farm, you can see the rows of coffee planted in the valley below the mountain range, as well as in the foothills. This 235 hectare farm is situated at 1250 meters, and has a mix of varietals including Bourbon, Acaia, and Icatu. This lot is a Yellow Bourbon separation and dry-processed, meaning the whole coffee cherry is harvested and laid to dry for roughly 30 days before being run through dry hulling machinery in order to remove the outer layer of dried fruit and skin. This is the oldest processin method, and when done well, can yield big fruited sweetness, as well as weighty bodied cup. Fazenda do Sertao is as fine an example of dry process Brazilian coffees as any we've tasted this season.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

The dry grounds have a scent of ripe fruits, dark berry and cooked cider apples, along with lingering nut tones. Adding hot water brings up unrefined sugar sweetness and an almond tone, and at the forefront of the wet aromatics are sweet, winey dark fruit smells. For a coffee we'd categorize as "fruited", Fazenda do Sertao should garner wide appeal. Cups of City+ and Full City roasts carry hefty cooked and dried fruited notes (we noted berry and grape), and are equally marked by bittering cocoa tones and balancing by raw sugar sweetness. While you shouldn't expect cup clarity here, this is a fairly balanced Brazilian coffee at a wide roast range. Full City and Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. ">Full City+ produce brooding chocolate roast flavors, with a mix of dried stone fruit and hickory smoke accents in the finish. Dark roasts are great as espresso too - single origin or as a blend component. The difference in cup flavors between no rest and rest are quite different. We find that Brazils in particular benefit from 48+ hours rest after roasting.

November 2017 Arrival



Lot Size

40 x 60 kg bags

Roast Recommendations

City+ to Full City+


Dry Process


Bourbon     Icatu    

Grade & Appearance

Estate; .6 d/300 grams, 15-18 Screen


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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Perfect rows of planted shrubs at Fazenda do Sertao

Parchment on the patio

Preparing to move full bags of cherry back to the mill

Traversing the farm, Sertao

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