Sweet Talking

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Four Barrel Coffee Roasters hosted us and a whole mess of other Bay Area roasters on Friday July 18th to taste some coffees and talk about sweetness and how to roast for it.
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Sipping on that SweetnessSipping on that Sweetness

Indonesian Fundamentals: Approaches to Roasting Indonesian Coffees and a Look at Rustic Sweetness

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I've been thinking about roasting. I've been thinking about coffees that take a little more work in the roaster - coffees that many of the coffee folk these days who are more interested in brighter and more acidic coffees frequently dismiss

By Christopher Schooley

Hulled and dried, ready for density sortingHulled and dried, ready for density sorting


I was just up at the Barista Camp in Santa Barbara this week and was stoked to have so many great conversations about tasting coffee. I took part in the Intro to Cupping class as well as helped out in the Organic Acids class and with Katie Carguilo's lecture on coffee processing. The thing that's been at the front of my mind for some time, and which really stood out to me again in taking part in all of these cuppings and conversations is the idea of sweetness in coffee. I've talked about it here and there on this blog and even wrote a bit about a specific kind of sweetness.