Cupvemberfest 2014 - Blend Intentions

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For some of us, blending coffee is a regular part of our production schedule. Whether blending for espresso, drip or full immersion it calls for some thought and strategy. It can be a challenge to use coffees that are available in stock, choose new ones, and decide how to showcase them in a blend. What do we do when coffees are no longer available for the blends that we want to produce? Should we pre-blend or post-blend? Can this blend also work for espresso? It comes down to what our intentions are with the blend and if we can succeed in fulfilling those intentions.

Cuptoberfest on video! Now you can live it too!

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We made a video of our Cuptoberfest cupping and conversation around the effects of different roast styles

This past October we hosted a cupping at the Sweet Maria's compound in West Oakland that was attended by roasters from all over the Bay area. Participants brought some of their own coffees to cup and discuss, but we started the festivities with a cupping and discussion of some roasts that we had produced for the event demonstrating stretching out the roast and some different examples of roast development.

The coffee we used was the Guatemala Alotenango