the Lab of Make-Believe

the Lab of Make-Believe

I did some roasting in the lab last night and video-ed a roast of the Guatemala Finca San Diego Buena Vista Bourbon which I took to a City roast level. If anybody has any roasting questions, feel free to shoot them my way and maybe I can address them in future episodes.



#1 dump time?

Chris, I have been struggling with sample roasting of late and have a lot of questions. Let's start slow as I am chock full of cold medicine. What was your finish time for the Guat San Diego? ~ Hunt

#2 the dumps

I guess I edited it out, but the finished time was right at about 10 mins. Most of the sample roasts I do are around 9:45, this was the first batch of the session.

#3 Time

I was going to ask what the total roast time was.

I'll have to look again on my roaster, I thought the elements on my roaster were ceramic for some reason. I'm thinking they might be quartz as well.